About Us


The ability to bounce back, be happy, successful after being bent, stretched, and pressed out of shape by life’s challenges, difficulties, and horrors.

Hi, I am Scott V. L. Mac, and I’m Resilient.

I have overcome many obstacles to become the strong, resilient person that you see here today. I am a mom of four (4) who has had to make the heart-wrenching decision of giving up two of my kids for adoption. I have been through 2 divorces and abusive relationships. I spent 4.5 years working in Iraq as a civilian alongside the US Marines and Army at the Al Asad, Al Taqaddum airbases.

I lost my home in a fire and was left with just the clothes on my back. (I discuss the heartbreaking reason why in my autobiography – Resilience of a Black Woman). I fought relentlessly for custody of my kids because they wanted to stay with me. I lost my mom to cancer nine months before leaving for Iraq.

As you can see, I am not a stranger to difficulties. But I always get up, dust myself off, and keep going. Today, I own my own home, and I’m working for the local government driving the city bus. And I’m doing something I love – publishing stories, fictional and non-fictional.

Fun Facts About Me
I have a cookie obsession.
I loved cookies so much when I was 3 years old, I took money out of my dad’s pocket and went next door to Porters Laundry (the lady had an ole school store) in the back of the dry cleaning store. Mrs. Porter had to walk me home afterward because, little did I know, I had taken out $100 to buy cookies. My mom later came home to find me perched on top of the TV, eating cookies.

I love driving big vehicles. I have driven trucks, tankers, refers, containers, school buses, and charter buses. Any size vehicle put me behind the wheel, and it’s a go.

I love travel.
I have been to Russia, Jamaica, Dubai, Mexico, and Baghdad. I have a lot more places on my list.

I was recognized for my work in Iraq. I received a Certificate of Appreciation from Major, US Army MITT TEAM CHIEF & a Certificate of Honor from D5 Site Manager.


Resilience of a Black Woman
This an autobiography of my journey to being the person I am today. It follows the many defining chapters of my life from marriage, children, loss, heartbreak, and resilience to start over.

26 Degrees
This is an action fiction book inspired by the movies my dad and I use to watch and enjoy together. It follows the protagonists – 2 CIA agents – on the hunt for a Russian mafia agent.